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Kareen Carruthers
Jackson is available.  He's a nice boy, 4 years old, with natural tail and ears.  Here's a photo
of Jackson!
Jackson needs to be in a home without any other pets.  He has some basic obedience but
needs more remedial work with walking well on a leash and ignoring other dogs or animals.  I
would not recommend him for a household with small children.

He's healthy, neutered, fully up to date on all of his vaccinations.  He has been a good house
dog in the past and is very affectionate with his humans.  If you are interested in giving
Jackson a forever home, please contact me!!
There have been many successful rescue placements in the past, both Bouviers and non Bouviers.  It is always
a very happy occasion when a dog goes to their new, forever home.  Some of the Bouviers include:  Mariah,
Simon, Legs, Glory, Misty, Khan, Fancy, Shorty, Arnie, Sammy, Water Boy, Barlow, Charlie, Blackie, Ace, Nana,
Bismark, Chintz, Boris, Lehua, Oso, Shago, Maggie, Bailey, Lila, Angel, Sheba, Max, Baby, Larry, Bella, Zoey,
Little Zeus, Nemo.  I'm sure that I've forgotten a few ...  

Non Bouviers include close to 75 German Shepherds that were rescued in 1998, who were placed with the help
of a wonderful independent GSD rescue person in San Diego.  We took in more than 100 dogs who were taken
out of a place where they were living in filth and starving.  My vet wrote a report so that the caretaker of these
animals could be charged with animal cruelty, they were so thin.  Over the next 45 days, not a day went by that
several trucks, cars and assorted vehicles didn't come to my front gate to pick up their new companions.  Of the
remaining dogs, 20 went to live successful lives with their co-owner and about 15 ended up being euthanized
because they were irreparably damaged (health and serious temperament problems).

A number of pets that were abandoned at our kennel also found homes -- a darling old cocker who went to a
home with a Bouvier who had lost his own cocker spaniel, a sweet old GSD mix called Missy who went to her
forever, retirement home to a family with children who adored her, a litter of 8 Chesapeake Bay retriever mixes
who were all placed in terrific homes by me and by an independent Chesapeake Bay retriever rescue up in
Washington state.  Mom went to a wonderful home in Northern California where she is the queen of a huge girl
scout camp.  An English Mastiff called Jack who went on to live with 2 other companions, a sweetheart of a
GSD mix called Sweetie who went to live with a wonderful retired couple after her original owner had died in an
accident after he dropped her and his cocker here for grooming one day.  It was several months before we knew
what had happened to this wonderful man and his pets stayed here until they had new homes.  A beautiful
Giant Schnauzer bailed out of the Hesperia pound, billed as a possible Bouvier (until he got a haircut), went on
to live in a home where he has 1 other Giant Schnauzer, 1 Bouvier and 2 "Bouvie-Schnau's" as his companions
in the country.  Donny, a delightful little scamp of a blond terrier mix who came out of the Chatsworth pound,
went on to live with my father's friends in Chicago, where he had 2 doggy pals and his own cat.  They lost Donny
to lymphoma in the spring of 2007, but he was a very treasured member of their family for 4 years.  Two Giant
Schnauzer pups, I nicknamed the Auschwitz twins because of their deplorable condition when they arrived,
were placed by a nice rescue group in Hesperia for me.

As well as successes, there have been some dogs who didn't get homes.  A nice little pit bull called Demi and
another called Jill lost their lives to cancer prior to finding new homes.  A nice little Sharpei mix called Maybe
came back to me (and is still available!) after 8 years because his owner died.  A Dalmation mix we call Spot
was picked up running down a highway by one of my boarding clients and it still waiting for a home.  An Aussie
Cattle Dog named Scooby is still here because he is rude and can be nasty when he first meets somebody (but
he warms up to people nicely!!).  He's a high energy boy who is still waiting for a forever home!

Miracle was a big, healthy Bouvier girl, but she was destructive when she was bored.  She was dumped here by
an irresponsible jackass who dumped a total of 7 Bouviers over 2 years!   I was never successful in finding her
the right home and lost her to cancer on December 31, 2006, when she was a few months short of her 11th
birthday.  I have never been successful in placing Goldie, a Bouvier who came to me at the age of 4 months.  
She is innately timid and her problem is serious enough that it precludes her from becoming successfully
integrated into anyone's home.  She is now 1
2 and lives with Jodi, another rescue with seizures, who came to
me early in 2008.  Jodi's also 12.

Peanut came to me in about 1998.  He was billed as a possible Bouvier puppy who had been found wandering
the desert and bailed out of the Mojave pound by Peggy Richter, at the behest of my friend Pam Green.  He
arrived, we looked at his teeth (about 8 of them total remaining) and knew this was no puppy and no Bouvier.  
After he went to the vet to have a growth removed from the external area of his throat, the vet pronounced him
"at least 12".  Well, he's still here.  He became part of my house crew.  The external growths have returned
throughout his lifetime and now, he is way too old for their removal.
I lost old "nut" when he was about 17 years
of age in the spring of 2008.

Nerf is a delightful Schnauzer mix who was brought to me by a friend who bailed him out of the Lancaster
pound, after she thought he might have been a Bouvier mix.  Nerf also became one of my house pets because
when he came, at the age of 11 months in 1998, he was a high energy little hoodlum.  He got along wonderfully
well with my Bouviers, but he can be very pushy.  Apparently he was dumped by his original owners because he
was running wild in a trailer park.  He had no manners and is relentless in his quest for attention.  I'll keep Nerf
as one of my own forever.  He's a doll and I wouldn't part with him for anything!

Many of their owners became my friends and I get regular updates on their beloved pets.  Many of these people
referred their friends and neighbors.  A number of them became repeat adopters, not only from me, but added
to their crew with pets available from my friends who are also involved in rescue.

Rescue will never pay my bills, but it warms my heart!

If you want a great pet or if you want to give a great dog a second, third or even fourth chance at happiness,
check out a local rescue, visit the pound, visit a shelter, read the newspaper, check out the internet for rescue
Stephen Mays & Chintz, a girl he loved until the
day he suddenly died at the young age of 55.
Stephen was legally blind, legally deaf and had a
degenerative neurological condition that
eventually killed him.  He also adopted Boris
from me and had photos on his website.  I wish i
had downloaded a few of them .. if I had only
known that my friend Stephen only had a few
short months to live!  He was talented, funny
and loved his dogs immensely.  Chintz and Boris
now live with Carrie Keith, who I thank for
taking over Stephen's dogs.  We all miss
Stephen immensely!
Shorty, in his new home in the Boston area laying on
the bed with his new pals Child and Brenda. and
below, a good shot of his face as he left here.
My very first rescue, Mariah. On the left, her
first Christmas card in December of 1997 with
her new family.  Above, 5 years later in her
forever home with her little boy, Robbie and
her brand new Westie rescue friend.  Mariah
had been with her new family for 5 years at this
point.  Mariah's family sent me a wonderful
single father and his daughter, their neighbor,
who adopted Nana a year later.
This is my beloved Lehua, sleeping on
one of my couches prior to traveling
off to Florida to her new home in 1998
Mike & Bela, April 2007